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Re: Looking to join a month ago

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Re: Capsul upgrade 03-20-2021: planned capsul maintenance + outage this Saturday a month ago

From j3s to ~cyberia/ops

Small correction - the UTC times in my first email were incorrect.

I also used "CST" instead of "CDT" - my bad!

The correct timeline is as follows:

0100 UTC (2000 CDT)
- login to the capsul hardware
- ensure that latest backups are complete
- back up critical config files by hand, just in case

0130 UTC
- send a graceful shutdown signal to all capsuls

Capsul upgrade 03-20-2021: planned capsul maintenance + outage this Saturday a month ago

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Hi all,

TL;DR: There will be a capsul outage on saturday at
2000 CST (1100 UTC). Please shut down your capsul in
advance if you want to be safe, otherwise it may be
ungracefully halted. If you don't care about that,
you don't have to do anything.

This Saturday at 2000 CST (1100 UTC), I'm planning on
upgrading the hardware that Capsul lives on. As part of this
upgrade, I'll need to stop every capsul that is running.

If you care about the data integrity of your capsul,
please make plans to gracefully halt it sometime before

Re: Capsule Availibility 2 months ago

From j3s to ~cyberia/ops

I have some further info about this - the RAM was mailed
two days ago (on Tuesday) and will arrive this coming Monday.

I think that we should probably plan our outage this upcoming week,
and I think it'd be best if we did it on Friday night so that we would
have the weekend in case things went haywire.

Thoughts forest?

Misc info:

this upgrade will provide an added 64GB of RAM to Capsul, which should
allow for ~30-60 additional Capsuls. We also have future plans to install

Re: Letter to Cyberia Club (Hello!) 2 months ago

From j3s to ~cyberia/ops

Hi!!! Nice to meet you. I would like to echo forest's sentiment that
we'd love to work with you to meet your needs regarding capsul! I
also get very excited about community building :D I'll see you in
matrix! ~j3s

Re: Hai :) 2 months ago

From j3s to ~cyberia/ops

this request has been handled by me!

Minor capsul maintenance tonight (no user action required) 2 months ago

From to ~cyberia/ops

FYI Forest and I are doing some Capsul maintenance tonight!

Only the web UI will be affected - all capsuls will keep on
running and doing their thing, and will be totally accessible.
The outage will probably last a few hours.



Re: [builds.sr.ht] build failed 2 months ago

From j3s to ~cyberia/ops

all of these failures are related to patching activity.

Scheduled Capsul maintenance in mid-late March (~30m outage) 3 months ago

From j3s to ~cyberia/ops

Hello from j3s, your happy Capsul maiden

Good news: Capsul is growing!

We recently purchased some upgrades for the server that Capsul runs on.
In order to facilitate this upgrade, we're going to need to take an
outage - we don't think the outage period will be very long. Maybe a
half hour if everything goes well.

The plan at this time is to patch the server, turn it off, and install
the upgrade components. After that, the server will be turned back on,
and all of the capsuls will be turned back on 5-10 at a time until
they're all on.

test 3 months ago

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