Movie Night is tonight at 8pm! Experience free culture *together*!

Kurtis Hanna
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Hello My Fellow Cyberians,

Some members of our social club have decided to organize an official
free culture movie/episodic night the first week of every month. The
good news is, tonight is the premier!

Unlike most movie streaming options out there, where you have to pay for
the "pleasure" of running non-free software that is encumbered with
digital rights management (DRM) in order to experience culture, Cyberia
(like usual) has decided to take a different path.

Even though we were all told since we were young that "sharing is
caring", most newly created film content is licensed in a way that makes
it a crime to share it with your friends and family. Not only that, the
backers of DRM has gone through extraordinary lengths to make it so that
it is incredibly difficult to truly "own" much of the digital content
available online, even if you paid for it. The theory behind this is
that you can't share a copy of something if you don't truly possess a
copy of it in the first place.

But fret not, my fellow netizens, for there are reasons for hope. A
number of older movies have been liberated from their original
proprietary licenses and are now in the public domain.

What about newer movies, you ask? Well, although the number of them are
fairly small, there have also been movies that have been released in the
last two decades with Creative Commons licenses that, at the very least,
allow you to share them freely with your friends and family. Some CC
licensed movies also allow you to adapt/modify the films, even for
commercial purposes.

One of these creative commons licensed movies, which we will be
streaming *live* tonight, is Zenith, a "retro-futuristic steam-punk
thriller, about two men in two time periods, whose search for the same
grand conspiracy leads them to question their own humanity".

You can inspect the details of the movie license that was picked here:

To watch the film, all you have to do is go to
https://stream.cyberia.club at 8pm and tune in.

If you'd like to engage in a live chat with your fellow Cyberians during
the film you can also log into this chat room, affectionately called
"shit chat" during the stream: http://j3s.sh:4567

And yes, we encourage you to also invite your friends and family to
stream and chat along with us. After all, sharing *is* caring. And based
on the amount of sharing I've seen among all the members of our young
club, Cyberians care a heck of dang lot!

Happy Hacking,
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Zenith wound up being very interesting. Then it was awful. Then it was 
even more awful, then interesting, then almost good? I think it deserves 
more credit than I gave it in chat  :D

Aimless noted that the pills the person sold were his schizo pills, and 
the people he knew in his world were all sitting in that medical room 
near the end.

Not spoiling anything in public, but maybe worth a watch if you like 
independent film? maybe?

4/10 would never watch again but glad I did, especially with friends.
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