We provided a virtual meeting platform for DC612 and it was really fucking cool

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Hey everyone! Neat achievement to announce.

DC612, a local hacker group, had a virtual meeting tonight. There was a 
number of people greater than 20 in attendance. They hosted it on 
https://cafe.cyberia.club (our Jitsi service). There were some minor 
technical difficulties, but overall things worked rather well, and we 
managed to handle the load pretty well.

Starless gave a wonderful presentation, followed by two other 
presenters, and there was discussion afterwards - by the end I had the 
feeling that people forgot they were using a new platform and were 
simply communicating. It was pretty amazing.

So huuuuge thumbs up to everyone involved, overall I was very happy with 
the results. These are exciting times. :)

Stats for nerdz:

The cafe is hosted on Gibson, and has a 1Gbps/1Gbps link to the interwebz

~130Mbps was our peak throughput, even after everyone turned their 
cameras on

over 100GB of voice/video traffic was transferred in total

2/8 CPU cores utilized

There was plenty of headroom. I think we could handle 40+ people 
assuming Jitsi scales linearly.

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