Cyberia Services update: 2020-04

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A lot has happened in services-land this month, and I'm hoping to pack 
as much of it as I can into this email. I will try to be brief, as there 
is a lot to cover. I'll also probably miss some stuff, woops!


We added many new subscribers and many new features to Capsul this 
month, both technical and financial.

* OpenBSD 6.6 support
   Hello puffy! We now fully support OpenBSD 6.6 as an operating system 
choice on Capsul, and will support future releases of OpenBSD as well.

* Streamlined BTC/XMR payments
   Pay with bitcoin or monero? There is now a simple payment processor 
you may use to make donations or pay for Capsuls. See 
https://cyberia.club/donate for details.

* GuixSD 1.1.0 support
   GuixSD support is very near completion! There is one bug left to 
squash before it's available as a fully supported option! :D

* IPv6-only support
   Soon, you will be able to purchase IPv6-only Capsuls at a $2 per 
month discount from IPv4 prices.

* Cheaper base prices
   Pricing will very soon be heavily revised, and all Capsuls will be 
cheaper. Existing customers will be refunded the difference between the 
price they paid and the new Capsul price.

* À la carte disk size selection
   - All instances will start with a fully backed-up 10GB root volume.
   - We will be capable of taking variable disk size requests at 0.2c 
per GB per month! You are no longer stuck with the disk size your 
instance came with.
   - These additional disks are not covered by our backup schedule, 
otherwise we'd run out of disk space almost instantly :D we may offer a 
paid backup system for these additional disks in the future.

A huge thank you to our early Capsul users, I hope that everything has 
been running smoothly for you.


I have not focused on Nullhex much throughout April, but I do have some 
exciting ideas to share. Hit me up if you're interested.

* Reputation
   Nullhex emails are no longer marked as spam by Protonmail or Gmail, 
our domain reputation has grown substantially.


Matrix has cemented itself as the center of our communication platform. 
If you aren't there already, feel free to register at 
https://matrix.cyberia.club and join the conversation.

If you don't like Matrix for some other reason, email me directly and we 
can figure out a way to bridge you into our conversations.

* Backend updated
   The backend has been updated & now supports cross-signing.
* Bridging
   We are considering bridging specific Matrix rooms with specific 
Discord rooms; more to come on this front.


* End to end encryption by default
   Riot-web is receiving an update **next week**(tm) that enables end to 
end encryption and cross-signing by default for all private 
conversations. Please prepare thyselves! More deets: 

* New preferences
   There are two new potentially userful riot-web preferences, in case 
you may have missed them:
   - sort rooms alphabetically
   - auto-syntax-highlight-detection


Forge is our development and project tool. It is intended to be used by 
anyone in the Cyberia community to host their projects, and Cyberia will 
eventually use it exclusively to host our group projects.

Forge is approaching the end of the alpha phase. There is still a bit of 
rockiness, but we've mostly settled on it as a full-fledged service, 
supported by Cyberia Services.

Forge handles the following (for now):

* git repositories
* mailing lists
* ticket trackers
* git-driven wiki pages
* paste service

Forge may handle the following in the future, if we have need for it:

* builds
* continuous integration
* mercurial repositories

Registration is now open to the public, sign up today! 

Mailing Lists

There are now three important mailing lists that people might consider 
subscribing to:

- announce@cyberia.club - general announcements like this one
- ops@cyberia.club - services branch discussion, operational stuff
- etc@cyberia.club - everything else!

See them and read about them on the Forge: https://lists.cyberia.club/

If you have questions or comments about this announcement letter, feel 
free to email ops@cyberia.club and ask us about it :)


* Prometheus awareness
   We monitor our systems with Prometheus - like everything else Cyberia 
does, we operate it publically. Check it out at 

* Grafana awareness
   We recently set up Grafana, and fack has been hacking on some 
dashboards. It's available at https://grafana.cyberia.club for public 
consumption. If you'd like a read-write account, email me and I'll set 
one up for you.

* misc@c3f.net deprecated
   The misc@c3f.net list has been moved to the etc@cyberia.club list. I 
moved all previous misc@c3f.net subscribers to the new list, no action 
is required.

* Infra Hackathon
   There are thoughts about hosting a huge infra hackathon to move our 
systems from Debian to Alpine, with a giant laundry list of crap to do. 
We will be targeting a full weekend in the future. Just a heads up.

* Operations Handbook
   We have decided that a monorepo for all of our operational-related 
things is appropriate. See the handbook here:

A final note: our services would be useless without the community that 
makes use of them. Thanks for all of your valuable feedback and 
discussion. You're all wonderful. Let's open the next world together.

Your lovely head of services,

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